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First Place at Midland Bull Test!

So excited to share that we placed 1st place at the Midland Bull Test.  We took 10 bulls, 5 Basin Payweights and 5 Rathbun Roadboss’ to see how we could do on the individual and sire groups.  One of our Payweights took the individual honors in group 2 ADG.  For the sire group competition ADG, we placed 2nd with the Payweight sire group and 5th for the Roadboss sire group. And yep, there were more placings!  In the WDA category we placed 2nd with a Payweight and 3rd with a Roadboss.   We are excited to take the girls over for the big sale to enjoy a Montana spring and bull sale.  All three girls have been ready to pack for a week, we waited to let them know so we could stand the wait!

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