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Fall and Now Winter

Well Summer flew by with a steer show and the Okanogan County Fair.  We just found out tonight that one of the steers we raise here for our kids plus a few extra’s won the carcass contest over about 60 steers here in Okanogan County, Congratulations Jeremy!  During the summer that was full of kids and steers, Todd, Scott and Craig were staying busy putting up hay, straw and corn silage in order to be ready for a Winter that seems determined to get here early.  We are officially at the end of November and wish we had a few extra weeks to go. The calves are all weaned and the cows are out of the mountians.  It seems to me we blinked and now the snow will begin.  The rain has been un-relenting and we seem to be knee deep in mud.  It is all Todd and Scott can do to keep up with the mucky mess here at the feed-lot.   Christmas is just around the corner and we are starting to lookforward to calves come January.  Hope this finds everyone in good health and settling for the cold months to come.

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