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Here at Sunny Okanogan Angus, our intent is to bring out those things in your calf crop that we want to see in ours.  A good structure is utmost important for both calving ease and the travel of the calf, both are important to our program and yours.

In our beautiful Sunny Okanogan Valley there are swings from 104 degree temperatures in the summer and down to -20 degrees in the winter months.  While we love the seasons it does give us many challenges to overcome.  When a calf hits the ground in January, they need to be ready to jump up and move on those cold nights.  In the summer our cattle run on over 100,000 acres in high mountain summer pastures.  These pastures range from 3,000 to 8,000 feet and help to raise a herd that is hardy and ready to work.  This translates into the need for a good traveling animal who can take care of her or his self.  Weaning comes at the end of September and during October for the calves to come home and be placed in our feedlot.  In November we bring the Cows home and put them on pasture around the valley prior to starting to feed when the snow starts piling up in December.  January we begin the cycle all over again and begin calving our heifers and the registered cows then on to the commercial cows.

Our fall herd spends time in the mountains in the summer then come home to the valley floor for calving and winter.  It is an almost opposite time table compared to our spring cows.  And means a pile of feeding come winter!  All our cows and calves have to be able to produce a good quality product with a ration based on locally grown and raised crops. 

Our goal is to produce bulls and females that will produce profitable cattle in the commercial cattle market.